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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to bring? Bring everything you will need to dive including tanks unless tanks have been rented from Captain Beard already.
    Also bring plenty of sunscreen, something for lunch, snacks, and your signed liability waiver. An ice chest will be available onboard for everyone to use, water and soft drinks are provided but feel free to bring any other non alcoholic drinks you may want.

  • What certifications are required to dive? In order to scuba dive, one must be at least open water certified from a recognized scuba training agency. (Dive certification cards will be checked prior to departure -BRING YOUR C-CARD.) People who are not certified to scuba dive may travel with us to swim and snorkel only for a reduced fee.

  • What about tips for crew members? As with any service, tips are greatly appreciated. All tips go to the divemaster who works hard in making the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible for all. It is greatly appreciated but not required. A typical amount is 15% of the charter rate.

  • How long are Dive Trips? Trips times vary depending on sea conditions and actual distance traveled offshore in search of blue water. Plan to be out there all day, a typical trip from leaving dock to returning is 9 hours in length.

  • What if I get Seasick? Almost everyone is susceptible to getting seasick. We would recommend that you take some motion sickness medication the night before your dive trip, and then again in the morning before you leave to go diving. Sometimes when people take it right before the trip the medication does not have time to take effect. Pretty much any type of over the counter motion sickness medication should work for you, but try something that specifically says “non-drowsy”. If you know that you are very susceptible to motion sickness you may want to consider consulting your doctor and getting a prescription motion sickness medication. It is also recommended that you stay away from foods that are very greasy, high in acid like orange juice or grape fruit juice and do not consume alcohol before the dive.

  • What if the weather is not good enough for a charter? The captain makes the call as to whether or not the conditions are safe for diving. It is his boat and the captain himself is responsible for all the divers onboard Most of the time, the captain will try and make the call to “no go” enough in advance in an effort to not waste your time, but sometimes you just don’t know what the seas hold in store until the morning of the trip. Be prepared to go to an alternate dive site or have the trips cancelled at tbe dock if conditions dictate.

  • Do you provide Nitrox? No, we do not provide Nitrox, but you are welcome to bring it if you want to pick it up from a dive shop the day before. When you call to book your reservation, we can let you know where you can get it.

    Work in Progress more to come!