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Dive Sites

Dive Site Dive Map Description
Star Reef Star Reef is a little known cluster of six toppled platforms arranged in a tight star pattern that is part of the TPWD Freeport Liberty Ship Reef site. Tops are 70' to 80' (platforms are tapered) and sandy bottom is at 105'. Donated by Cal-Dive Intl, these platforms are about 40' wide by 100' long, close enough to jump from one to the next. We typically find lots of fish here including large snapper, triggers, jacks, angels, cobia, butterflies, spades and more.
VA Fogg / Liberty The VA Fogg (previously named Four Lakes) was a T-2 tanker that survived several perilous Atlantic convoy crossings in WWII before it sank in February 1972 in a catastrophic benzene explosion. All on board lost their lives. It is mostly rubble now. Tops are 80-90', and sandy bottom is at 105'. Visibility is often poor due to a murk layer on the bottom.
Adjacent on the starboard side is the HL&P Reef composed of 300 1-ton fly ash blocks. Adjacent on the port side is the B.F. Shaw, a Liberty ship.